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I want to sell outside the U.S.!

The International Trade Center (ITC), a specialty program of the UH SBDC Network, offers business owners the opportunity to research and analyze export markets. Whether you are new to exporting or an experienced exporter interested in pursuing new opportunities, ITC can assist you in the preparation of export loan applications.

About ITC

Since 1988, the International Trade Center (ITC) has helped small and medium-sized Texas companies explore and develop export business activities in world markets. ITC provides free or low cost seminars on international topics presented by experts in specific fields such as export financing and letters of credit.


ITC offers:

  • Export Loan Application Packaging – Access free consulting to assist in preparing an export loan application.
  • Business Training – ITC offers low-cost, specialized workshops and seminars focused on critical and current export related issues, taught in state-of-the-art classrooms. ITC instructors share their real-world experience with you as they guide you through the often complex components of the export process.
  • Business Library – A key component to making better export decisions is access to current information. ITC maintains an updated collection of practical sources of international business information, including guides and directories on doing business around the world, and domestic and foreign statistics. Our Network's professional business librarian, located at the regional office in midtown Houston, is available during regular business hours to help you find appropriate materials in print and electronic formats. You can also use the library computers at no cost to access the Internet or prepare your quotations for foreign clients.
  • Internet Resources – We strive to provide you with the most current information regarding international trade and business issues. To access web-based information on international trade, click here.
  • Houston-Area ITC Resources

Use our midtown Houston business library and online resources to:

  • Learn which export markets represent potential business opportunities.
  • Prioritize those foreign markets based on availability of similar products or services, price, distance from the analyzed market, local and foreign competition and the country’s political and economic situation.
  • Learn which U.S. government agencies can assist you in penetrating specific markets.
  • Develop strategic alliances to increase market potential.
  • Learn about the SBA’s Export Financing Programs and other sources of capital.
  • Understand how to select the most appropriate service providers to help you manage the logistics of exporting.

For more information about the International Trade Center call (713) 752-8404.